Confessions of a horse crazy girl!

A little about me first.  I am a youth care worker who works with high risk youth in a small city in BC.  I enjoy my job however decided that I needed something else in my life.  I had always loved horses and dreamed of one day riding and owning my first horse.  I decided that I would volunteer at a horse rescue and its very lucky that I didn’t have any money to get a horse otherwise I would have come home with several!!!  So over the next few months I played with the horses at the rescue and then started taking lessons in the fall.  It was then that I met the horse that changed my life!

He is a Quarter Horse named Mister-which is a very fitting name since it means I can change it to whatever his mood is-like the days he’s being super cool-it’s Mister Cool or the days he’s being a dork he is Mister Dork, or his usual moniker Mister Brat!  When I first met him he was only 18 months old and I learned how to lunge, and long line, what a turn on the haunch and a turn on the forehand were. 

Over the next year and half Mister taught me many lessons about respect and self confidence and that if I am having a meltdown he will too!!!  Now me having a meltdown and Mister having a meltdown too is not a pretty sight!!  Picture this 4’1o woman crying her horse super crazy running around and then me yelling at him to calm down!!  Then realising he’s freaking out cause I am and then me having to regain my composure in order to calm him down.  Luckily I can recognise it early on before it escalates and I have a horse rearing up at me and me falling on my ankle spraining it!!!  Oh yeah it happened!    After that I was able to regain my composure alot quicker!   Now my meltdowns usually don’t get the same response from him or at least not to the same intensity-he’s realised that I’m just being a baby and should suck it up!!  This adventure has so far been amazing and while I am a “green rider” riding a “green horse” which usually is a recipe for disaster I have a very experinced trainer guiding us.  She has also been someone who has changed my life as she has figured out when to push me, and when not to and how much. My next feat will be to conquer pre show jitters!  If anyone has any ideas please let me know!  Mister is going in a show on Friday and I will be showing him next month!  So stay tuned for more confessions of a horse crazy girl!  Thank you for reading!

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