It’s been too long yet again!!

So it has been awhile since I last wrote! Many changes for Mister and I-a summer of showing almost broke us!  It started out great but ended on a sour note and me almost giving up on showing with Mister-but once again time heals all and we are more than ready to tackle the show season next year even if its just to prove we can do it together!  In the midst of change I found my legs-literally!!  When it was suggested that I may have to think about giving up my horse cause he was just getting too big for me-I said no,if I have to quit showing that’s fine-but I’m not letting him go anywhere.  

Between getting spurs, discovering where my legs were on him and that I actually had more leg to give if I used it right, and my riding instructor putting some time into making him lighter in the leg for me we have surpassed where my riding instructor thought I would be (at the rate I had been going)!!  We are on our way again! It has been exciting the past few months seeing how much happier Mister has been with me and my riding-it’s like he’s saying “Mann that took her a long time to figure out-just glad that she finally did!”  That’s what I love about the training season-so much learning and trying to build and rebuild if things don’t work!  So glad that seeing where the spur landed on him finally made something click in my brain.  After that my legs just naturally dropped back down to the right position!  No more riding like a duck with my legs back!!  

Our next big adventure will definitely be in the show ring again and also we are trying our hand at Western Dressage!!