Valentines Day-a change is in the air.

Mister and I have been really moving forward-between me getting my seat at the canter-more “velcro” butt and getting my hands and legs quiet again, we are also coming to a nice understanding with each other!  Like knowing when to push through things and knowing when not to.  Yesterday was a day to push through-when Mister decided hanging out with his friend was more fun then with me, we worked through it and I got him cantering and trotting happily passed his friend.  Today he was spooky with the snow crackling and falling off the roof-a day not to push, just to enjoy so we just walked and hung out and I put him away.  Sometimes that’s all we need.  Someone that knows when to push and when to just leave things alone for another day.  We have been working together for close to 4 years and we are definitely comfortable-he knows my little fumblings-puts his head down for me to put his blanket on and off, keeps an eye out for me being a clutz and steps around me (even if I wind up under him-yes it’s happened!!).  But even with all the good, you can still get in a rut and so now I’m breaking out of it so that we can keep growing!!  Going to be riding a few more horses as well as my brat!  It will be fun!  Every horse teaches you something and I’m excited to see where that takes Mister and I!  Also thinking of getting a baby horse, maybe in the fall and starting from scratch!  We shall see where life takes Mister and I!