In need of consistency and focus!!

It has been an interesting few months of breakthroughs and set backs.  We have had some awesome rides where I was feeling like we are a team Mister and I and moving together, forward and willingly.  And then we would have a day where he just wouldn’t listen-no forward movement, grumpy at other horses, and really not listening to my leg, sigh-sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back!! I guess that’s the way it goes-just really would like some some more consistent and focused rides!  However I have to realise that I’m waaaay farther ahead then I was a few months ago and while my steps back seem awful to me, I’m ahead of where I used to be!  I just get frustrated when I have the really good days and can’t keep them going the next ride!!  We had an interesting ride in our English saddle a few weeks ago which made me question whether or not I ever want to ride English again!  However I am far too stubborn for that!  lol I did ride in my English saddle again after that but only once.  It’s on my list of things to get better at!  However I want to really learn how to use my seat first!!  It’s coming.  And I guess the learning curve keeps curving upward!  We will get there-actually we are getting there!  I am totally loving being able to ride 4 days a week and spend some quality time with my brat!!! 


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