Reminiscing-an old post forgotten and revived!

I’ve been thinking about how far Mister and I have come in the 4.5 years since I met him and I am most definitely not the same person I was when I first started riding.  Mister has changed my life for the better and made me a more confident person both in and out of the saddle!  It’s pretty amazing how a big 4 legged creature could change your life so much,but he has.

He’s grown from pony sized to a tank and so has his heart-from bratty shenanigans to well bratty shenanigans but also loving and is such a suck.  He loves attention, some days more then  others!  lol  And just seems to know if I need a kick in the pants, a little nip in the right direction or a snuggle.  One day I had just learned of the death of a friend and had gone out to the barn to see my brat-and he saw me from the back of his pen and came thundering up to the front slamming on his brakes at the gate!  He was just so happy to see me!  It made my day and my was just the right thing for my heart!

He also challenges me to be better then I am and to push past my comfort zone, like cantering and horse show!!!  He has been a rock at horse shows while I’m falling apart!  And he puts up with my blunderings-stands still when I fall off, or when I fall under him like I did at a show!   But is a brat at home when he knows I can handle it!!  I love that horse more then anything and then when the possibility of giving him up came up I knew I had to make a change again!  And I did.

Besides him challenging me to better, I have also changed jobs and improved my life so that I can have him in my life.  I changed my jobs a few times so I could both make more money to support myself and my horse habit which is expensive and also jobs which have given me more time to ride but less money!  lol He’s also given me more confidence to go after the jobs I want and a reason to go after the jobs I want!  He has given me alot of insight on who I am as well, and who I want to be!

He is a life changer that’s for sure and while it’s been a blast these few years the best is yet to come!!!


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