And the Show season begins!

This weekend we had our first show of the season! It was filled with laughter, firsts and of course stress and tears! Not sure why they seem to bring out all the crazy feelings, maybe because you’ve worked hard all winter and spring and it then to comes down to how well you do on that day!  This was the first show that we did in Prince George too so it added another level with friends being able to come watch and support!  It was also our first time in a dressage ring and that was quite an experience!!  We did a Western Dressage walk/jog test! We got 6th out of 9th and received a lot of great feedback!  Also am learning how to deal with horse show nerves! Mister was a wreck and it was because I was a wreck!

This was our first horse show that Mister was not super well behaved! He really picked up on my nerves this time and was looking to me for saving him. Apparently that’s what happens when you have a real connection with your horse!  Now to figure out how to calm my nerves so that I can keep him calm because it’s a lot of responsibility caring for these big sensitive 4 legged animals!  I  really tried to keep him calm in the ring  and we got through our test though it was not pretty!   Our next one will be better though we will still just do a walk/jog class!

We have one month to fix a few of our mistakes-such as circles and riding to the letters better! Fixing my nerves will fix Mister from being tense and not listening to my cues to walk!  Also my riding instructor is going to ride him once a week to fix a few of his discipline problems! Looking forward to what we do for the next one!

Bring on summer! And bring on the show season!  This western dressage is going to be the next big thing in riding!!!