Midwinter Blah’s!!!

I shouldn’t complain, we’ve had a pretty warm winter so far!!  We’ve had rain in both December and January!  We seem to get a bunch of snow, then it spends the rest of the time melting!!  I’ve been riding in just a hoodie a bunch of times!  I’ve been riding a bunch of times!  Pretty uncharacteristic for this time of year!

I am done my course that took up so much of time the last few months-I was lucky to get a few rides a week, and some weeks I did not ride at all.  But sometimes you have to focus on the fact that as busy as I was I still got in a few rides and be thankful I even got that!  Plus because I was so stressed out between work and the course my rides became less about training and more about bonding and stress release, which we also needed!  Mister and I have come along way!! And now we are the team that he needed me to become!  And we are only getting better!

In December we still took it easy-its a pretty stressful month with work and I knew that in January I would get pushed to train harder.  And we have been!  It’s been a great month!  We’ve been working on circles (yes still!), transitions, and getting more uphill balance-plus I’ve been working on my seat and my legs when I switch diagonals!  I am a bit slow on the uptake and then Mister has a difficult time getting his shoulder properly balanced when doing a turn.  I’m lucky he’s such a good boy to put up with me!!

I’ve also been riding my friends horse who has totally made me appreciate all the work I’ve put into Mister and how much Mister puts up with me!!  This new horse-Chevy has absolutely no work ethic, and is stubborn! He has been quite a challenge!!  And Mister has been a bit jealous! If I ride them both, I have to ride Mister first or I get an awful ride on him!  It is quite funny to see him get all in a huff in his pen if I take Chevy out first!!  Chevy is a really great horse on the ground-excellent manners!  But in the saddle not so much!  He has 2 speeds-slow like molasses or really fast!  So while I am also working on building in some work ethic, I am also slowing down his trot/jog.  He is an interesting project!  But we are getting somewhere! By the time spring rolls around he will be a great horse for my friend!  Also I will be working on getting Mister ready for some trail riding this spring and summer.  This is where Chevy will excel and be good for Mister!  Looking forward to it!

Lots of great things happening this winter!  And I’ve been riding pretty much 3-4 days a week, so I really shouldn’t complain!!  So with that here’s to the many fun times ahead this winter before the first show of the season hits in May!!!


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