While the trainer is away…

My riding instructor was away for the weekend and wanted me to ride on my own, both horses.  Normally I don’t ride on my own, just with my riding instructor.  I haven’t quite perfected the “feel” or timing yet so I always worry that I’m not doing things right and that I’m going to spend so much time fixing things I wrecked!  But I rode this weekend and think I did pretty good!  I rode Chevy on Friday, but ran out of time to ride my brat!  That was ok, it was feeding time and he was not happy to see me!  I brought him in with the intention of lunging him and putting him away but decided against it when I could not even get him to focus on me.  If I was out in the evenings more I would have fought the battle, but I am not out enough to force the issue. I put him away happily!  Some days you pick your battles.  That was one I was not going to win.

Sunday I rode Mister.  He was much happier to see me!  Put his face in the halter, and walked nicely to the arena (which he usually does!) But I knew he was going to have some p and v, since this is a horse that gets ridden 3-4 days a week and had only been ridden once earlier in the week!  So I fully intended on lunging him and then our ride basically being more of a cool down.  But he had such awful manners in the stall, I thought I’d do some ground work first, which mostly just consisted of making him walk nicely beside me until he started to walk nicely beside me!  After that I made him work on the lunge line, which he was pretty good on after the walk and the chat we had! Our ride ended up being not half bad either.  I didn’t do anything fancy, just regular walk, trot and canter and getting some connection, though I still haven’t quite figured  it out yet.  I think I’m getting better but not quite sure.  Tomorrow will tell me if our work on the weekend was good!

Today I rode Mister again because my friend came out to ride her horse!  He was pretty good for her!  She is a better rider then she gives herself credit for!  But we are always harder on ourselves then other people are.  Today Mister was back to being his super happy love bug self!  It was sooooo incredibly nice!  We were relaxed, and riding with other horses.  He was passing without any problems.  He felt like he had a bit more forward movement than he did yesterday.  Our canter felt pretty good today too!  I can’t wait until the summer rolls around and we can go out on the trails a bit too!  That will break up our training and showing and give Mister something else to think about.  Anyways I love training but sometimes its nice to have a bit of a break and just relax.

This week we will work our butts off and then get another break for a few weeks.  The Canada Games are coming and the ski trails are out by the barn so the traffic is going to be crazy!! Just not sure if I’ll be able to make it out and back to work on time so I may have to skip some riding time.  And then expect Mister to be a bit of a jerk when I come back.  He does not like too much time off!  And he lets me know in no uncertain terms!!  I’m hoping to get some riding in but we will see.  I may just work extra so that I can get a new dressage saddle!

Anyways till next time!  Hopefully I will update sooner rather then later!


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