Finding the happy medium!

Wow-I’ve had a couple weeks of really great rides on both horses!  It’s been an adjustment riding 2 horses and treating each of them as individuals.  It took awhile to really let go of my expectations for Chevy and that he is not Mister!  I needed to remember to go back to earlier training and lower my expectations of that.  Also he isn’t as smart as Mister so he needs more repetition of exercises which is good for me anyways! Since I’ve let that go, it’s been a tonne  easier!  Chevy is starting to get more confident about being in the arena and is trusting that I am not going to let anything bad happen to him!  I lunged him yesterday while all the snow was coming off the roof and while he was scared (rightfully so) he did what was asked of him!  It’s super loud in the arena when the snow crackles and shifts.  And for a horse who has not had alot of exposure to arena’s to begin with, he did good!!  I was very proud of us!!  And Mister is getting shorter, more focused rides cause I can practice things on Chevy and then transfer it over to Mister!  So now Mister is not getting angry because I’m drilling things into him that he already knows how to do!!  And my friend gets a well trained, happy horse to ride!  It’s really a win win!


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