Of new saddles and mirrors!

It’s been a busy few weeks between work and riding and pushing myself and finding when I push myself too much!!  Late nights with work and then up too early ride have made me pretty tired lately!  Last week I went full tilt and then Saturday rolled around and I was sooo tired but went out anyway.  Even putting the saddle on tired me out!  And then the ride, well it was awful!  Mister would not go faster than a slow jog no matter how much I squeezed, cajoled or kicked him!  I’d get him to pass then he’d slam on the brakes as if to say I did it what more do you want!!  It was definitely the worst ride we’ve had in a very long time!  My riding instructor told me Mister looks as exhausted as I feel and that when we have a show I will have a bedtime if I want to have any hope of doing well at the show.  Mister is definitely my mirror!   It is pretty interesting how they reflect what we feel.  My riding instructor said that since I’ve become his leader my behaviour will reflect in him more and more, both positive and negative.  Before when he was the boss he didn’t care about how I felt!

Our next ride I had had a few days off of riding and had a day off of work and felt much more rejuvenated-Mister was happier and playful again!  It was nice to see!  We had lots of forward motion-cantering lots and our canter transitions were getting better!  Also attempted a hand gallop-that was pretty fast, however still not fast enough!!  It didn’t scare me though so I know I will I will feel comfortable doing it in the next few months!

I also got my new saddle yesterday!  A dressage saddle!  I traded my English saddle for it and am very happy with it!  It will take me a bit of time to get used to it but I’m glad I got it!  However it is a bit too big for me so if dressage ends up being something I really want to do then I’m going to have to get a custom saddle that is shorter!  Story of my life!!

Today I am tired.  It’s noon and I’m not sure if I’m going to the barn yet.  It’s ok to day off once in awhile too!  I would rather have quality rides then be frustrated because I’m tired and Mister is showing it!!  I may go out for a visit not sure yet!  But tomorrow I will go.  And only a few more days left of the winter games then life can go back to normal.  Til next time!


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