Bucks and Flows!

It has been a pretty awesome week!  Last Saturday was another awful ride-it seems that when I ride with other people I suck! Mister kept shaking his head, not pulling the reins out of my hand or angry, just shaking his head like there was a fly bugging him or something (which being February there obviously was not one!) I was really beginning to think something was wrong, and then he let loose a buck!  I decided to get off and have a look at what was going on-cut a bridle path for him so that his mane wasn’t getting caught in the bridle, and took off his saddle and saddle pad and put it back on, got back on and finished our ride on a good note.  Then Monday he had a farrier appointment and he was pretty good for it.  I rode for a bit after and he seemed ok-but one of the other horses was in a stall and was kicking up a fuss.  And then Mister let loose with another buck and generally seemed so unwilling, it was obvious that his buck the other day was connected.  His saddle pad was fine, nothing was pinching him but he’s too smart and figured out from our ride on Saturday that when he’s mad about something bucking is acceptable.  I got off and made him work, got back on and ended with another good ride. On Saturday one of the other horses was leaving, which made him mad.  Mister is picking up my attitude (when things don’t go my way I have a tendency to get mad-this buck is Mister’s representation of it!)  I used to get mad when one of the other horses would kick up a fuss, or anything with alot of noise-mostly because it is hard to concentrate for me!  I corrected the behaviour and hope that the next time either of us get mad that we don’t end up with a buck!  Since we worked through it we decided to call it a day and hope our next ride was better!

My next ride was a quick ride on Chevy and then a ride on Mister, both were really good.  Worked on some more trotting with Chevy, getting him to slow down his transition into the trot, and it’s definitely coming!   Then on Mister we did some of our usual trot and canter transitions and because he had a good ride we left it a short one.  The next ride was awesome!  Decided to bring both horses in and saddle them both up-Chevy in my Western saddle and Mister in my new dressage saddle. I’ve only ridden it a few times but each ride seems a bit better than the last!  I rode Chevy first and he made me work!  Tried to get him to canter and man was I ever winded trying to get that canter out of him-his trot just kept getting faster and faster and kept making him go and finally he broke into a canter.  I couldn’t even enjoy the canter I was so tired of trying to get it!  Next time I will get it with less work!!

After that I rode Mister!  And after a bit of a shaky start in the saddle, still getting used to it, we had our best ride ever!  We worked on one step canter then back down to trot to help get that beautiful trot!  It worked! Mister had a beautiful trot, all nice and extended and flowy!  And then we cantered too!  I am really enjoying this saddle and feel that it is easier to canter in it!  Our canter was pretty awesome too!  Every ride keeps getting better!  We have also found a good system with riding Chevy first, since it gets me warmed up and I can practice what I need to on him before I get my brat!  So by the time I get to Mister I’m good to go and he is too and we don’t spend a whole bunch of time waiting for me to get my act together!  Now our rides are becoming more focused and we are working on specific things, then when we are done we are done and Mister can go relax.  When the roads are good and we get shoes on we will relax with a nice trail ride.

I am sure that we will just keep getting better and better!  Show season is right around the corner and while we have a lot of work ahead of us we are also doing really well!   Looking forward to more and more riding and more and more connection with my 2 brats!!  Took the last couple days off to recuperate after the week and will be back at it tomorrow!!