Wohoo! First show done!

I cannot say enough good things about Mister!  We worked so hard this weekend!  The past few weeks we have worked really hard-working on our circles and on accuracy.  I rode in my dressage saddle all week and am cantering in it a lot!  I love it! We worked Mister a lot and kept me fresher so that I  wouldn’t tire  out so quickly!  It seemed to work!

I rode him on Friday in the arena without lunging him and he started to get worked up because I was but I made myself settle down and we just walked for awhile then I made him trot and he was still well behaved even when there were a bunch of other riders in the arena.He didn’t like a couple signs on the wall by the stands, which I thought was the people in the stands but he didn’t care when people were walking around talking.   We were both calm and connected! It was awesome!

I hung out with him quite a bit getting him ready and brushing him.  I really enjoyed hanging out with him.  Usually I stay away because my nerves just get to be too much and I don’t want to stress him out more, but this time hanging out with him calmed me down more.  It was a totally different experience from last year.  We are definitely coming together!

We rode in the warm up on Saturday before out test and he did awesome as well as standing around waiting!  I totally love that horse!  He is the best!  I am glad I decided to bring him instead of my friends horse.  This show really brought us to a higher level of trust and confidence in each other!  Our test wasn’t the greatest or what we are capable of our circles weren’t big enough and lines weren’t straight enough and we didn’t keep the correct gait through the whole time, but we got through it with a smile and we were relaxed-mostly! We will keep getting better I know this for a fact! Our score for submisission ( relaxed, harmony with rider) was a 20/20 and our score for rider was a 25/30!  I was pretty impressed when I read that! And the judge said Mister was sweet! He really is.  I mean he has an attitude but really he is sweet and friendly!

I can’t wait until our next show!


Horse show selfie!