From lame to super spunky!

Well my Mister Magoo has come through with shining colours! We had him on stall rest for close to a week, soaked his foot for about 4 days a couple times a day!  And the more we did it the better he became!  It was so nice seeing him relax with his foot in the tub instead of thinking it was going to kill him!  And he started to relax about being stalled as well.  His buddy Chevy was in with him for a few days but when it was less muddy and his pen was ready Chevy went back out.  Unfortunately the abscess didn’t blow out but he got better so we aren’t sure if had an abscess or an injury!  However after a few days of stall rest he stopped eating much so we had to get him working again. 

So we started slowly riding him again and lunging but only walk and trot and keeping it easy and he started eating again and perking back up!  It was so nice to see! Though he still was pretty quiet and mellow and seemed very cautious! Whatever he did to himself he scared himself,  whether it was because it really hurt when he did it or if it was an abscess he was just remembering how much his foot had hurt!  Not quite sure!

On Saturday, a week after being stalled, he got his first taste of freedom!  I thought he was going to go crazy!  I thought he was going to tear off and run around his pen bucking and running. But he didn’t.  He just stood there and calmly walked around after I left.  It was weird! He used to run around when he’d hear the four wheeler at breakfast and dinner.  Now he just tosses his head a bunch and looks like he wants to tear around but he doesn’t.  It will be interesting to see if he stays like that or goes back to his overly exuberant ways! 

On Monday,  I lunged him and rode him and he was feeling better though still seemed cautious even when riding.  Every so often he felt rough but for the most part he was feeling better and better and we had a hang out day.  He was being very sucky!  It was nice to just hang out with him!  There was a wind storm and he didn’t care! 

Tuesday was a different story!  It started out great!  I brought him in and he was good and mellow and because I rode him the day before I just got on without lunging! He was pretty good and he felt great!  It finally felt like we had rhythm again! His trot was so nice!  We were focused on the trot and weren’t paying attention to what was going on around us and a vehicle drove up on the crunchy snow and spooked him and he bucked a couple times! I sat the first one but came unglued by the second and knew I was bailing and then I wound up on my back in the dirt staring at Misters nose with the reins still in my hand!  Well that was Mister saying stop babying me I’m fine!  So we are back to lunging before riding!  After getting over a sore shoulder I came down with a bad cold so this week we haven’t had much luck either! Next week will be better! 

It has been a long month!  December will be a great month!  No more injuries, no more sick! And then we can get back into training! The break was good but we are definitely raring to go! 




Stalled selfie! Mister is like get that camera out of here! 

Lame, lame, lame

Three legged lame. So tough to watch your horse be in so much pain that he can’t even put all his weight on all 4 legs.  Mister has had a rough go for the past month, well maybe 3 weeks. It’s been rainy and gross and muddy and he’s been spending more time inside which has made him miserable.  We had to put him back outside because he was just cranky and angry-pinning his ears at everyone when they would even just walk passed his stall, kicking his stall and turning it into a mess with his incessant pacing.  I thought my bad attitude was to blame but then we remembered that he has been on grain and this is the first time he’s been inside for any length of time besides just being tacked up since he’s been on it, so now he can’t burn off the excess energy.

I was coming out and riding and lunging him but then he seemed to be a bit lame-nothing too noticeable but just enough that he was off.  We threw him back outside, gave him a bit of a break and in the meantime he also got his feet done, so we gave him a few days off.  He was running around being his usual dorky self so we brought him in and I lunged him cause he was crazy!  I walked him in and he was rearing on the way in and was very frisky!  But he still seemed a bit lame. We wanted to make sure he didn’t get too crazy and hurt himself!  So I just walked him around and did a bit of trotting.  He seemed off but not 3 legged lame!

So the next day I brought him out again and saddled him up-just walked and he seemed off-some head bob at the walk but it seemed to get better the more we walked so we tried the trot.  That was awful-I was almost in tears because it was so awful and to think I was causing that pain.  I got off and checked his foot and cleaned it out.  His feet actually look really nice, the last trim and shoes were good.  We put front shoes on so that we can save his hooves over the winter and had a couple spikes put in them so that he has some more grip.

Saturday I brought out some epsom salts and we attempted to soak his foot.  That was an adventure and a half.   Mister has decided that buckets and tubs and water are monsters that are trying to eat him!  He was terrified!!!  It took my riding instructor over half an hour of getting him to put his foot in an empty tub and then we had to add water cup by cup! Today it took me 1.5 hours and getting some help but we got his foot in the tub with water and had him stand in it for about 10 minutes.  Tomorrow we will have to do it a couple of times a day and the next day and the next until it finally bursts.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

These creatures sure have a way of challenging us when we need it the most.  I’m hoping tomorrow goes well and that I can get him to stand in some salt water!  I hate seeing him so miserable.  Soon we will be dancing again!  But for now we will enjoy some down time and I’ll ride the blonde surfer dude.