Birthday Photoshoot!

A few pics of our little photoshoot we had yesterday for my 40th birthday!  We rode a bit before we had pics which was good because Mister is not the most patient horse and doesn’t always enjoy standing around for pictures!  I thought he was not very well behaved and was too fidgety but the pictures really turned out nicely!

We had a really good week of riding-we really pushed ourselves this week and it seems we have upped our game and now we have a higher level to attain!  We were working on circles which we nailed and most of transitions we did really well!  We worked on our walk to canter transitions and we actually got them mostly!  And I felt his engine going and thought it was the wrong lead but my trainer was saying it was good let him go, and that is what happens so often is that I pull him down too often instead of just letting him go!  So after that I was able to feel it and just let him go!  It was awesome!

Also I have started to do some ab work at home to improve my strength, so I can be a better rider and be softer in the saddle! I am starting my third week and I think I am seeing some results in the saddle though have also found I’m getting tired quicker but am feeling my abs while I ride. So I think it’s working!


Below is my favourite pic of the day!  He is so photogenic-even in his winter woolies!