Learning to Fly!


So it has been a good start to the new year.  Mister is another year older and seems to be pretty content.  We are going full steam ahead.  I had a few lightbulb moments and it’s only the 3rd week of January and we’ve had some cold days so no riding and last week I was sick .  It was funny-Mister knew before I did.   He was so off, I felt fine so I didn’t think it was me (It turns out it was me! ). He was just unsettled and antsy and wouldn’t relax but didn’t want to move either.  I chalked it up to his fear of the snow coming off the roof and even though I didn’t hear anything thought maybe he could hear it cracking and shifting. So I called it a day and decided  I’d come out earlier tomorrow so we don’t have to worry about the snow and the roof.  It’s been the one fear he has not been able to get over since he was a baby.   I got to work and was extremely exhausted but didn’t think anything of it since I didn’t feel bad in any other way, just full body exhaustion.  The next morning I got up and was very sick, cancelled riding and didn’t go to work.  When I did finally go out Mister was super sucky which he is only like when I’m sad or sick! So we just hung out with no expectations.  It was nice.  Today we were back to work.

I’ve been pushing for extensions and collections and I’m finally starting to get them.  My lightbulb moment was when I was talking to my mom over Christmas and she was asking how they get that nice beautiful trot in dressage and I said it’s when you tell your horse to go forward with your leg but keep them held back with the reins and then the energy builds and you get that nice airy trot!  Intellectually I know how to do it, it’s just getting my arms and legs to both act!  I’m starting to get it, it’ll take some time!

I also have figured out the spiral in/out exercise that I’ve had a hard time with and now know why I need to know how to do it! That was my second lightbulb moment over the last few weeks!  I love that they’re flickering now!!  I’m also super excited to show again and see what my scores are going to be like this year!  I’m aiming for high 60’s in training level and then I’ll go on to First Level.  I’m thinking the first show I’ll be in Training Level but the rest of the summer I’ll be showing at First Level.  I am definitely loving this dressage journey so far. I am feeling more and more competitive-not against anyone just that I want to keep improving and pushing my scores!

I’m also working on the serpentine though I’m having problems getting that one.  So that will be our next one to conquer. Until next time.  I’m hoping to keep this updated once a week.





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