Extensions and Collections and breaks

Sometimes you push just a little bit too much!  Monday I practiced our collections and extensions and I pushed them out and collected him up!  We were really flying!!  It was pretty amazing!  The feeling of getting him going then collecting him up like that was awesome!  I definitely love it!  Though it’s a lot of work!!  Just need to get myself in better shape now!

He is growing up!  Our lunge sessions feel less like a battle then they used to and more like they are supposed to-time to gauge our mood and get him focussed on me and listening to me.  He was great!  Then our ride was really good but I pushed too much and I was super sore the next day, couldn’t keep my thighs on the saddle so it was thump, thump, thumping along and the rest of legs-behind my knees and my hamstrings were super sore!!  So we had a nice quiet ride!  Those rides are nice too!  The next day I was still sore so instead of riding we just did some visiting and showmanship and Mister was sooooo content to just hang out, no silliness just calm contentment and peace!!  I gave him a couple days off well actually I needed them!  But I was going to camp for a couple days so it was a forced couple days off!  But sometimes we need those too!  I ended up coming back early so I rode on Saturday and Mister was pretty good but was a bit bossy to one of the other horses and made of the girls a bit nervous!  I had him under control though so it wasn’t a huge issue but it made for some difficult passing!  Then I went out Sunday too with one of my friends and aside from a few little things it was a really great day!  We worked on some passing which was still a bit of an issue but wasn’t as bad as the day before.  Our transitions are getting better but our canter is super slow!  We need to speed it up! This week I will work on that!

I also rode by myself yesterday which was a huge self esteem boost since it’s been awhile since I rode on my own.  Also it means that if I get a day time job I know I can totally handle riding a few days a week on my own so I’ve put that out there.    The future is looking pretty bright!