New horse, Injuries and show season!!

It has been a few months and there have been lots of changes!  A few months ago I added to my little herd with a yearling Half Andalusian filly!!  She is a sweetheart!!  She was sick when she got here, ended up with a bit of a cold and cough and it was pretty bad!  We had to get the vet out to give her some antibiotics!  But she is looking pretty amazing from when she first arrived here!

Also in that same week, Mister ran through the fence-slicing open his leg pretty bad!  It was pretty devastating!  Daily cold hosing in the first week and putting bag balm on his leg helped wonders! Then we went to every second day and then a couple times a week, and eventually we just left it.   Within a few days  he was running around his pen like a crazy man and we were worried he was going to run through the fence again! So I was told after a week to get on him and give him a light ride.  I was soooo happy to be in the saddle!  Mister didn’t actually even have any lame days besides the 2 days that I injured him when we over did it! Live and learn.  We just did a few too many circles and corners-he was just going so well I pushed him a little bit too much-a few days off and he was good as gold bucking and running around his pen!

The time off has given us a chance to slow down a bit and transition from training to show season.  We missed our first show although we could have gone in it-we were ready, but because I hadn’t thought we were going to be in it I had scheduled the farrier for one of the days of the show and couldn’t change it.  The slow down has also given me a chance to work with the new girl!  She is sweet and sassy!  She has been alot of fun and I am super excited about our future!  We are going to our first show in August-the Andalusian Nationals!  Mister’s and my first show is in 2 weeks!  Super excited-he looks amazing and this is the most ready we have ever been for a show!  Here’s a few pics of the new girl-Cierra, from the first few days and weeks I had her!