First show done!!

Our first show of the season has been a huge success!  We had a great time visiting and hanging out.  It was also the calmest and most relaxed we’d ever been!  I cut out most of my normal coffee drinking which seemed to help!  We went in our first flat class in years and we did really well, we got our canter, just missed the lead  on the one direction.  I was so proud of him and of us!  I don’t know why I had been so stressed out!  Its funny how we put such weird thoughts in our heads and then let them build up!

Thursday we rode in the arena for a nice warmup and our ride was really nice, I had some nerves though which translated into some nerves for Mister but once I got a hold of them Mister settled right down and we did transitions-walk, jog, couple steps of canter, walk, jog couple more steps until we cantered the arena. And ended it nicely. We were supposed to go in a class that night but decided not to as something came up and I thought I’d be back in time but I wasn’t back.

Friday we did our class and did really well even without a warmup.  Saturday was the first of our dressage tests and we had a little bit of a warmup but nothing big and we went in and  did our tests and did really well.  He was pretty tired at the end of the 2 tests!  And so was I!  Sunday I decided no warm up was required since we had worked so much over the weekend so I just tacked him up and got on before our tests!  We were both so tired I didn’t have much energy to get him moving out more and we lost most of our points at our lope circles!  But we did better on our jog’s than we did before and didn’t get any comments about him looking sore!  We also got an 8 on our FXM line!!  Our scores improved with every ride!  So yay us!! It was a pretty awesome weekend and an excellent start to our show season! Super excited about our next show in Quesnel next month! Next one will be 2 Western tests and 2 English ones so I can see if it makes a difference which saddle we are in!

Until next time!