Birthday Photoshoot with my little girl!

Isn’t she cute?  She was pretty happy! I can’t believe how big she is getting!! She has grown since this photo shoot too!  She is now wider than my gelding!!  I really can’t wait to see what she looks like in the spring.

Dreams and Goals

The off season-if we actually have one as riders-is where dreams are started and goals are made for the next show season-it’s kinda like when your favourite hockey team doesn’t make it to the playoffs and you say “well there’s always next year”.  But instead of it being your favourite team it’s us so we actually get to dream and set goals and plan and do the work that comes with it instead of just hoping your team pulls through.  Some of the work I have had to do was fix my canter cue.  As we go along I’m sure I’ll find more holes but this one has been chasing me a lot lately however we did not know what the problem was.  It didn’t take long but we fixed it and got my other leg to stay put instead of kicking when it needed to be still, also we fixed my weird habit of throwing myself forward as a canter cue.  I think I was just trying to help him but it throws him on the forehand and off balance and now that I’ve fixed it (I mean sometimes I still do it but I’m now aware of it so I stop and fix it and go again.)  And now that it’s fixed it seems I’ve decided to work on the lope instead of the canter as much since Mister loves to go slow!  We have sped him up over the past few years and now we can slow him down and work on the lope and on collection.

We are going to work on spirals and the serpentine and collection as well as keeping on working on extensions and better connection.  Also I’m thinking of doing a Western pleasure class to see if Mister likes it better.  I just want him to be happy.   Sometimes I’m not sure if he likes this whole dressage journey I’m taking him on.  I’d like to be competing at a level one next year.

I am also working on a few things for myself-like my self-confidence and being able to bounce back quicker after a mistake.  Next year will be a more confident and brave me so that I can be more brave for my 2 horses!!

Looking forward to next year and totally rocking it!