Letting go and moving forward!

So it’s been a tough couple of months.  Some things in my personal life put my riding on the back burner. It wasn’t a fun couple of months that’s for sure, but I have come through it, and while I’m a bit bruised and tarnished I am definitely feeling like a stronger and happier person!  And the last few weeks my riding has gone from ok to amazing!!  Mister is looking absolutely beautiful and is shiny and healthy and happy!  Sometimes it takes letting go of people to be able to move forward.  A relationship that was toxic ended and while I was upset about it at first now I feel like I’ve been released from a life I didn’t actually want-I know that sounds a bit dramatic!  But I am not someone who settles and I was settling for mediocrity.  I was going to have to give up showing and while I know that isn’t a big deal for some people, I love it and I’m not ready to give it up.  I love my horses and I love showing off how beautiful they are and I love growing and getting better as a rider.

The past few weeks we have been working on the shoulder in, the haunches in, turn on the haunches and making Mister follow his nose.  We even got a couple steps of half pass though I have no idea how we did it, ok well I have some idea but not entirely!  I’ve also been working really hard on connection and am finally getting it!  A couple weeks ago we also worked on collections and extensions and he is moving so nicely!!  Also he is sooo incredibly sensitive, all I have to do is move slightly and he does it once he knows what I’m asking!  I’ve been riding in my dressage saddle instead of the western and I’m not sure why but it has made a huge difference in my legs; I really feel like they are on my saddle and I’m keeping him under me straighter.

We haven’t been to a dressage show this year because there were a few things going on during the time of the first 2 shows of the season. And now we are in the middle of the craziest forest fire season we’ve seen in years which has made travel difficult.  If there is a show in town in September we will go but otherwise this will probably be a non-showing summer!!  That’s ok there will be more shows next year and this summer will be a summer of learning and regaining my confidence.  We are working on so much new stuff and I can’t believe how far we’ve come just in the last few weeks!  Even Saturday while it wasn’t our best ride of the past few weeks, it was still good and I learned a valuable lesson!  I saw when things start to go wrong and how quickly it can undo all the good we have worked so hard for!  But I also learned that it’s pretty easy to get him back if he I just re-focus on us instead of paying attention to everything else going on!    I’ve always known that but sometimes I just need a reminder!  I really feel like we are ahead of where we were a few months ago before I got sidetracked. I have my eyes set on amazing things for Mister and I and for Cierra and I too!  She has been pretty awesome lately and I think because I have been doing basic skills with her it has cemented them into me and it has made me a better rider for Mister as well.

Cierra seems to love showmanship and is pretty sensitive to my  movement!  It’s pretty neat!  I didn’t enjoy showmanship before because Mister and I were awful at it.  But it’s really fun with Cierra!  We did some pole work one day and she just trotted over them without touching them!  She’s just so mellow and chill! She was supposed to be my dressage horse but we shall see what she wants to do!  Mister seems to be loving the whole dressage thing right now and is so sensitive to me that he might be my dressage horse and Cierra might be my all around horse!  Who know’s!  I do think I might learn jumping with her though as well as dressage  and maybe some western as well since she has a super cute jog!  But next year she could totally change!  Next year we should have a better idea of what she wants to do!  Next year I’ll get her out to a show too and definitely a few for Mister as well!  I am super excited again!  Next time I’ll get a few new pics of them!  They are both looking so amazing!  Cierra is still a bit chubby but she is slimming down since I’ve been working with her more!  She will be my 5 day a week riding horse eventually cause like me she will need to be kept in shape!!  I’m enjoying the present with these 2 but also incredibly excited about our future!  Until next time!!