Finding balance!

It’s been a great week and I’m finding the balance between the 2. I’m working Mister 5 days a week, one being a lunge and 4 rides and Cierra 2 days a week. Plus Mister is getting a couple days that are just his! He is not used to having to share his time with me but we are getting there!

This week Mister has been super happy! He actually has really been enjoying hanging out with me! And our rides have been pretty amazing! His trot is absolutely beautiful and the canter is getting there! We have worked on our transitions and they are getting nicer and nicer! Our collections and extensions are really coming together as well!! It’s super exciting and Mister just seems to be so happy learning again!! I think this last show has really bolstered us!!

Cierra has also been pretty awesome! Well not the other day, it had been over a week since I had done anything with her and it was pretty busy at the barn so I think maybe she was distracted! But at any rate she was grumpy and not focused! Although I did get a couple steps of canter on her and it was incredibly smooth!!! The next day though she was pretty awesome! A storm even came through and she didn’t care, she did not bat an eye lash even though the rain was pelting the tin roof! I was so happy with her!! She got lots of hugs!

Next week it’ll be lunging them both on Tuesday and then Mister and Cierra on Wednesday and Thursday and then just Mister Friday and Saturday! I can’t wait!! But right now I’m enjoying time with my family for Thanksgiving! I took a few days extra days off work and got to hang out with my horses and friends and then got to come home and spend time with my family too! Life is all about balance and I’m finding mine!