It’s the learning in between that I love!

It has been a great month of riding!  Totally loving working with my little Cierra girl!  And I think she is enjoying it too!  It is taking us less time to feel comfortable and settle in and I feel like we are both enjoying it!  She has such a beautiful little trot!  It’s so smooth and feels balanced! We have figured out what seems to work for her, we have tried a few different things-more rides less time, less rides more time and it seemed like more rides less time was going to work for her but lately it seems she has been happy with less rides.  It just seemed like she wasn’t retaining anything and that our rides were feeling like the same ride as our first ride so we thought more rides, less time would make it so that she could retain what she was learning.  But now she is doing well with 2 rides a week and we are still on the lungeline but the last few weeks she has felt like we are progressing and will soon be off the lungeline!  She also feels nice and solid lately and is not spooky!  Last week we had a huge windstorm, I did not ride but I did bring her in so that I could put her winter blanket on and she did not bat an eye at the wind blowing through the barn and rattling everything!  But the other day she spooked at the cat walking by her pen while I was putting her halter on!  Such a silly girl!  My big guy last week was super spooky with the wind blowing through and I did not ride him either!  He wasn’t super energetic to lunge mostly wanting to stand as close to me as possible!!  After I put his blanket on though because it was making noises it was sending him into a few spazzes while I was bringing him back to his pen!  I was totally okay to not ride!

We are still working on collections and extensions and haunches in and shoulders in with my Mister Magoo.  We are getting them at the trot but not at the canter yet, however it’s starting to get better, at least for the collections and extensions!  We are also working on the spiral exercise and are getting better at it.

I am feeling pretty content about where I am going with both of my brats!  It’s been a pretty forward progression lately so it’s been pretty great!  While I love horse shows and showing what I really love is the training time in between.  We are having fun and are really enjoying learning and improving!  I also love the fact that working with Cierra has totally improved my riding with Mister!  Going back and filling in holes and giving myself reminders seemed to have really helped us!  And maybe that’s why Mister has been so content lately!

Until next time-happy riding and continued learning!


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