Taking it slow, speeding things up and relaxing on our own!

It’s been an interesting few weeks!  I had bronchitis a few weeks ago and had such an awful cough and brain fog it was ridiculous!  I took a day off work but couldn’t stand being home all the time so the next day I went to the barn and just lunged because Mister handles time off just as well I do(which obviously isn’t very well!!)!  He was pretty mellow-he definitely feels my energy!  The next week my cough was still really bad but I was on antibiotics and an inhaler so I gave riding a shot. Cierra did not enjoy hearing me cough and had her ears pinned almost the whole time!  We did not do anything faster than a walk and I was huffing and puffing and coughing!  A couple days later I rode Mister and we only worked on walk and trot but it was nice to be in the saddle and Mister seemed to be pretty content!  I rode a few days that week, just walk and trot and a bit of canter since at canter I would start coughing too much. The first day even the trot made me feel light headed but by the next ride my trotting felt normal but not so stable in the canter!

This week I rode both Mister and Cierra on Monday and Wednesday and really pushed the canter on Mister! I rode just Mister on Tuesday as well and by Wednesday we were just so tired and mellow! Cierra was so distracted and just wanted to chill out so we didn’t work very hard!  Then with Mister we jogged and a little bit of canter too.  He has such a beautiful jog, it was nice to relax and visit too after having been sick and then pushing so much this week.  My riding instructor was going away for the rest of the week so I wasn’t going to ride the rest of the week but after a day off on Thursday by Friday I decided to ride on my own and we had such a relaxed and happy ride it was nice!  That Mister Magoo just makes my heart feel so full!  I love that horse! Next week we will be back to full force I think since I am feeling better and there will be no breaks.  It was nice to have a bit of a break but it will be good to get back into the swing of things until Christmas and then another bit of a break until the new year!  Provided of course the weather keeps cooperating!  Anyways until next time!


Here’s a happy Lennise and Mister! 24173934_10159698563475437_5792986860338899865_o


3 comments on “Taking it slow, speeding things up and relaxing on our own!

  1. I am getting there! It sure came on fast! Normally I would wait longer than a week before going to the doctor but I could barely talk without having a coughing attack! And I sounded so bad! So I went to the dr and at first he was going to say you will just have to ride it out! But then he heard my lungs and said I highly suggest antibiotics. A week on antibiotics and I think I am on the mend! I definitely can breathe and I’m not coughing nearly as much! So yay!

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