Happy New Year!!!

The beginning of the month was not fun dealing with the cold and not getting to ride!  Just after Christmas I came out to work Mister because he does not handle sitting around very well!!  It was cold so I knew I wasn’t going to ride but I thought a light lunge would be good since he hasn’t worked in over a week or so.  I knew I didn’t want him to work too hard since it would take forever to cool him out and it was far too cold for that.   I went to get him and he was pretty good but somewhere along the short walk to the arena he transformed into a crazy kite and was just flying around me!  He decided going to the arena was not a good idea maybe there was a boogie man in there, so I thought OK it’s cold  maybe a lunge isn’t the best idea anyway so let’s go back to your pen.  But then he turned into a crazier kite and didn’t want to go back so  I said OK let’s go to the arena; he did more crazy circles around me so I stopped and made him stand still-he also was not happy with that!  So since he couldn’t make up his mind I decided we would at least go to the arena and walk around it a few times and then I’d take him back so he could see his friends! Once we did that a few times he danced back to his pen and then once there ran around bucking and snorting and kicking up his feet and getting everyone all worked up!  I wish I videotaped him because he was so wild!  I decided after that the cold made them just as miserable as us so it was OK to not come out!


Thankfully it warmed up and I’ve been riding about 6 days a week between my 2 horses!  The last few weeks have been amazing, we’ve ridden with other people and even cantered with other people in the arena, something which does not always have the greatest outcome for us!!  But lately he is very content!  Every January he seems to mature and calm down that much more!  We have worked on the leg yield at the canter (something we have never done), getting better at our shoulder in’s and haunches in, walk to canter transitions, trot and canter transitions both up and down, and the very beginnings of a pirouette!!  It’s been so much fun!  We are getting less and less worked up when we do quick transitions (we both used to get fired up!!!) but now they are coming nice and calm!  I am loving these new exercises!  We are also working on our simple lead changes which we have had a difficult time getting but we seem to be getting this time around! Our progression this month seems to be coming in leaps and bounds especially since I was getting so frustrated that the weather had been keeping us out of the saddle!!


Things with my little Cierra girl are also coming forward!  She is so funny and sweet and silly!  It’s really been fun learning with her!  We still start off on the lungeline and I’m happy for that since I’ve sat a small buck and a bigger spook and have had help controlling it but we have been finishing off our lessons on our own and we are getting more confident together.  Her spook was because the snow came off the roof and every time for the next few days she decided that the feed wagon in the barn aisle was to blame!  She can be pretty obsessive and has been looking for reasons to spook but aside from the snow has not really found anything!  She is pretty funny!  She’s been given a few extra days off and we shall see where her mind is at this week.   She hasn’t really felt like she has her mind with me the last few rides, but this is what happens with young horses!  Some days you get to do stuff and other days you let them be!


Not that I have ever taken my Mister Magoo for granted but working with Cierra has made me appreciate him so much more!  I love both of them for the different personalities and learning I have gone through with them!  It is so nice to be able to jump on my gelding and when I ask him to go forward he does but with Cierra it is also nice to be going back to basics!  They are both so much fun lately and I am very lucky to have them in my life!  This year is going to be an awesome year!  Mister and I are going to do a bunch of dressage tests this year and I am going to get Cierra used to new settings!  I am super excited about show season this year!!


So until next time, happy riding!!

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