And another show in the books!

We had our second show of the season on the weekend and it was pretty interesting!  It was just 2 tests, western dressage but we had to do some of it our own as my riding instructor had her kids in and they were set up at a different arena which was pretty tough for us as it was a bit difficult for her to run back and forth.  Also my reader left but thankfully one of the other girls I ride with was there and able to read for me!  It could have been a very stressful show but I’ve been doing some meditating and it sure helped!!

Mister and I even rode in the warm up all by ourselves and he was pretty awesome!!  The last few shows we’ve been trying to keep a buddy with him so that he can stay a bit calmer but we weren’t able to do that this show and we had to be a bit more independent.   It was good for us.  Our marks weren’t the greatest but we did improve on a few areas!! We got comments about how much better our accuracy has become ( I put the letters between his ears and sent him there!) and we got 7’s for our canter! Our next show is in 2 weeks again!  We will be doing 4 tests-2 Western and 2 English, so I’m pretty excited!  I love my new dressage saddle!

We didn’t get as many pictures this time around but here are a few! One of my friends did take a few pictures on her camera but is having trouble uploading them so when she does get them uploaded I will add a few more!! She got some nice ones!

Until next time!


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